African Football Champions Cameroon Fire Coach Broos

Cameroon have fired coach Hugo Broos less than a year after he led the country to the African Nations Cup title and two months short of the end of his two-year contract.

The 65-year-old former Belgian international led the Indomitable Lions to a surprise triumph in the tournament in Gabon at the start of this year.

However, a poor performance at the Confederation Cup in Russia in mid-year followed by failure to qualify for the World Cup had sealed his fate, the country’s football federation said in a statement.

Mr Broos could not lead Cameroon to the 2018 World Cup in Russia

“Mr Broos could not lead Cameroon to the 2018 World Cup in Russia,” said the statement, which also listed his refusal to take up residence in Cameroon and a fall out with several players as two other reasons for the sacking.

Broos had been hoping for a contract extension to take Cameroon to the next Nations Cup in 2019, which the country is scheduled to host. Source: Pocket News


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  2. Why is it that some nations’ football are so intolerant? Some of them like some football clubs all over Europe fire coaches with reckless abandon. These administrators behave as if they themselves run flawless administrations. Whereas many of them are so inept and corrupt.
    I laighed when I read thatCosch Broos was sacked by Cameroon authorities. Incidentally Cameroon football authorities have been enmeshed in crisis over the years
    What indeed were they doing when the coach refused to take residence in Cameroon? How did they expect him to have performed creditably well when indeed he hardly knows his players?
    They will keep sacking coached endlessly once they themselves do not know what they are doing. And for as long as they themselves remain unserious their coaches cannot produce the redults they desire.
    I do know however that persistent change of coaches cannot be the solution to their football problems in Cameroon, nay in Africa.

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  4. Very sad for Broos though. Success follows ability to solve better our past mistakes n make the timely correction. He deserves another opportunity.

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