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    Contact immediately call or whatsapp +22963699123
    The hounon master GBEFFA a powerful clairvoyant medium and healer is a specialist in emotional problems 36 years of experience with gifts from father to son for several generations.
    He intervenes in the following fields:
    • – * Magic wallet that multiplies money,
    • – * Return of affection of the loved one in 3 days maximum, Keeps harmony in the home, in family, Force a woman or a man to like it (bewitchment), Integrate the dreams of the one or ‘WE love*
    • – * Ritual to stop Conjugal Crisis *
    • – * Family problem *
    • – * Ritual Desenvoutement or Envoutement *
    • – * Protection against all bad luck or dangers *
    • – * Wedding Quick Union Ritual *
    • – * Parfun and Magic Ring for Attraction of Women or Men *
    • – * Soap of luck for customer attraction for sellers and companies *
    • – * Ritual to finish with absolute infidelity between spouses *
    • – * Ritual to find a good job (having a good job at work *
    • – * Ritual to have child (finish with infertility) *
    • – * Product to cure sexual impotence or enlarge his penis *
    • – * Ritual to have the chance to play games and win at Euromillions, games of chance *
    • – * Helping players to always be calming, talking, singing in the market *
    • – * Product for Abandonment of Tobacco and Alcohol *
    My rituals and products are very effective guaranteed and discreet 100% success,
    * Sending of your parcels in a writ by mail or DHL or you could all come to attend your ritual on the spot if it does not cause you any worries. *
    Many of them to testify then why not you. Then do not hesitate to contact him

    Call or Whatsapp + 229 63699123
    It also intervenes at a distance whatever your city or country.
    For all your requests for consultation of remote clairvoyance or other requests Send me just the names and first names, date of birth.
    NB: All rituals are done * FREE *, just one thing that is you who pay the ingredients that will do the rituals and after results you reward me for what you want
    Watch out for false marabouts

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    -une graine d’atakoun
    -la fourmie noir qui sent ( asi yan si yan)
    mettez les deux dans une canari et transformez en poudre noire et scarifiez un sur la majeure du pied gauche
    #si la fille a le piège si tu veux la baiser elle commence par trembler et elle sentira l’odeur de la fourmie

  4. l’Afrique étant le berceau de l’humanité,toutes les connaissances sur le spirituel et le sacré ont été confié à nos ancêtres par le tout puissant créateur,qui a leurs tour ont transmis ça à leurs ascendants de génération en génération.

    Quand les génies fatigue une femme,
    Elle a du mal tenir son foyer
    Elle a du mal à se marié
    Elle a du mal a avoir des enfants etc…..

    Tout se soigne par la prière ,les pratiques spirituels et les cultures Africaines avec l’aide d’Allah elle retrouve la guérison.

    Allah ka bara djabi. Aminan

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