Agya Koo Wanted to Have His Way with My Wife – Movie Producer Speaks

-He added that the actor was noted for womanizing which led to his ‘fall’ in the movie industry

-Agya Koo however refuted the claims and denied knowing the woman whose name was mentioned

Popular movie producer, Michael Kwaku Ola has indicated that Agya Koo, known in real life as Kofi Adu wanted to sleep with a young woman who happened to be his (Michael Ola) wife.

Accoring to a report sighted on, the movie producer who was speaking in an interview on Accra-based Hitz FM, revealed that Agya Koo, during his prime in the movie industry, harassed his wife and wanted to sleep with her.

He added that when he got wind of the actor’s intentions, he told his wife not to go close to the actor.

Michael Kwaku Ola who was commenting on the reason for the ‘fall’ of Agya Koo in the local movie industry mentioned womanizing as one of the factors.

However, the actor who was on the same radio show with the movie producer vehemently refuted the claims and denied ever coming into contact with one Dela who Ola Michael mentioned as the name of the woman the actor wanted to ‘bed’.

Michael Kwaku Ola expressed shock as the actor distanced himself from the lady believed to be called Dela.

The movie producer prayed for God’s forgiveness for the actor for denying Dela who he said was known to be in the movie industry.

Michael Ola early on had said that another factor that caused Agya Koo’s movie career to plummet was arrogance on the part of the actor when he was almost a household name due to the roles he played in various movies.

Agya Koo is noted as one of the very experienced actors in the local movie industry having starred in over 100 Kumawood-produced movies.

Not too long ago, it was announced that he was going to launch his TV channel soon which was going to help promote creative arts in the country. Source: Pocket News


  1. Telling your wife to stay away from him was nothing. The woman should have known that she is married and that should know what to do. Climb up agya koo

  2. Man never is !!!
    Everyman loves women and womanizing is part and parcel of the movie industry so your wife was even fortunate to have gone free.
    Pray for Agya koo to go high

  3. Ur wife doesn’t love u. If she does she would not have tried to cheat on u as u claimed. Or u think Agya koo used love charm on her. Blame ur wife and leave The Star alone

  4. When a potato rolls on fire, it burns and you will say “look! Fire burnt my potato” while really its your potato that had itself burnt. Should be careful before going public with some news else you ruin your wife’s public image

  5. In Kenya, we say that a woman is like a bicycle. If you park your bike at a wrong place, someone will help himself with it! Where did you park yours, at the doorstep of that gentleman?

  6. Dans le cinéma ce discours est fréquent mais cela ne vous permet pas de faire tomber une étoile du GHANA de grâce remettez le monsieur en seinne.

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