She Told Me She’s Still A Virgin…Instead Of Seeing Blood,I Saw This!!

Hello… Please help me clarify this thing disturbing me… Yes because am angry over it..

I arranged one bae in my area, told her all the sweet words i could yarn her.. She agreed.. This morning we discussed and it was all about sex, she told me that she was still a virgin.. Trust me.. I asked her to come over by noon time, she tried saying No to me but i persuaded her and she agreed.

This afternoon, she came after i called her to remember her.. Mehn i no waste time, i got her laid.. I killed her with romance… E just be like say make she die… Oboi time for me to go inner chamber.. This bae begin dey do like person weh dey take injection..
I asked her wetin? She say its painful.. I said ok sorry.. Greased my Egede,, Now i forced the bad guy in there.. Went in like 3 times before she comport like say she e been dey pain am.. After 4-5mins i withdrew and stainned the sheets..

My problem is that i didnt see any blood… As virgin weh she be.. Although that kitty-cat tight gan but i no see virgin blood as expected but saw some slippery white stuff.. Why? Please is she really a virgin??


  1. Virginity blood depend on how old is she, wat guys felt to undastand is dat ladies tend to b disvirgin unknowingly by heavy bleeding/ early menstruation, long trekking, jogging, running, climbing height, heavy load, riding bicycle n all. She may b virgin or may not b. Bt present of blood goes wit age, at times is just a small bloody mucous stained cud later b seen on d lady’s pant. This virginity blood of a thing was years back bcus she is under aged n there was a forceful penetration no romance n nothing just d hard penetration thereby cause minor injuries to d lady. Bt once there is romance d lady ll b wet so there ll b no hard friction bt d wall of d vagina ll b hard n tight.

  2. These days it’s hard to tell honestly, some people are born without a hymen, some people get their hymen broken earlier in their lives during other activities. In this situation, you can’t really tell. But the summary, it’s better you not let it make you angry and move on.

  3. She could still be a virgin.your long time romance with gentle penetration could be the result of not seen blood coupled with her age. So don’t be discourage

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