Police question spiritualist in Sokoban beheading case

Police in the Ashanti Region capital, Kumasi, are questioning a spiritualist who gave a tip-off for the arrest of two murder suspects.

The two allegedly offered the severed head of a five-year-old boy to Sheik Mohammed Maaye for sale.

The Regional Police Commander, COP Ken Yeboah told Joy News the role of the spiritualist who gave the tip-off is being investigated.

Vikuriba Joe, 21, and his yet-to-be-identified accomplice were arrested by the police after they offered to sell the head of Atta for GH¢2,500 to the mallam at Sokoban Ampeyoo, a suburb of Kumasi.

The two, according to police sources, picked the deceased who had gone out to watch a video game with his twin sister at Suame at about 7 pm on Wednesday.

They then sent Atta to Sabon Zongo Boolaho where they beheaded and dumped his body.

The suspects then called Sheik Maaye to strike a deal over the severed head and offered to sell it to him.

The spiritualist who feigned interest is reported to have alerted police to the incident.

Upon arrival at his home to finish the deal, police arrested Vikuriba with the fresh human head in a black polythene bag, but the other accomplice who was waiting on a motorbike succeeded in escaping.

The 23-year-old accomplice was later arrested on Thursday after some extensive police investigations.

The two suspects later led police to retrieve the body of the deceased.

But the Sheik Maaye tells Joy News he played no role in the murder of the child and only acted to have the men arrested.

According to him, his spiritual practices do not include dealing with a human part and he is shocked that the suspects had the courage to carry out such an act.

He said he is willing to cooperate with the police to have such bad people arrested to clear the name of spiritualists.


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  1. These people dealing in body parts are a source of problems in Africa.they should just be eliminated once identified wr are fed up of leaving in fear.

  2. If spiritualists dnt demand for body parts I don’t think we would hv being hearing and experiencing such things..they r the cause…they should rather make it in such a way that they can use their own body parts such as the fingers, ears and the others for their rituals if only they don’t want to toil but want to get rich overnight

  3. Who ever kill by d sword shld also died by d sword it’s d Lord saying I prefer to skin dem alive and burn dem to death

  4. The culprits should be dealt accordingly. It so sorrow to fall in this victim. parliament talk about this. Else every body is vulnerable to the canker.

  5. These killers ought not to be alive talk more of walking free on our streets.These are real animals in human form and thus a minace to the society. Their elimination should be inevitable

  6. l’Afrique étant le berceau de l’humanité,toutes les connaissances sur le spirituel et le sacré ont été confié à nos ancêtres par le tout puissant créateur,qui a leurs tour ont transmis ça à leurs ascendants de génération en génération.

    Quand les génies fatigue une femme,
    Elle a du mal tenir son foyer
    Elle a du mal à se marié
    Elle a du mal a avoir des enfants etc…..

    Tout se soigne par la prière ,les pratiques spirituels et les cultures Africaines avec l’aide d’Allah elle retrouve la guérison.
    Quel que soit le problèmes
    En amour ,mariage ,travail, chance ,protection spirituel ,etc….

    Allah ka bara djabi. Aminan

    -une graine d’atakoun
    -la fourmie noir qui sent ( asi yan si yan)
    mettez les deux dans une canari et transformez en poudre noire et scarifiez un sur la majeure du pied gauche
    #si la fille a le piège si tu veux la baiser elle commence par trembler et elle sentira l’odeur de la fourmie

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