Kansoul Steal Show From TEKNO MILES

Nigerian singer. Tekno Miles, kept his waiting for hours only to be upstage by The Kansoul on Sturday night at The Wave concert.

The Kansoul, comprising of Mejja, Madtraxx and Kid Kora appeared on stage as the last act before Tekno, accompanied by dancers-cum-strippers, delivered his performance.

The group sang song from their collaborations and even individual tracks such as Landlord by Mejja, Boda boda by Madtraxx among others.

Other Performances

Tekno’s performance comprised both live band and DJ playback which lead to some confusion during the performance as both sounds played against each other.

his stage presence left much to be desired as half of the time one could tell he was lips syncing to the playback.

Other performances of the night included Le Band, Tunji, Fena, Nameless and teh reunited Camp Mulla.


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