See the 33-year-old School Teacher Who Sent Half-N*ked Selfies of Himself to a 15-year-old Pupil

A teacher who sent half-n*ked selfies to a 15-year-old schoolgirl and told her: ‘Your mother will kill me’ when she reciprocated has been spared jail today.

Christopher Jenkins, 33, asked if the teenager would ‘cheat’ on her boyfriend in a series of lewd late night messages on Snapchat.

The teacher, who was meant to be helping with her homework, then sent images of himself in just a bath towel and told her: ‘Now send me one’.

The girl was ‘excited’ by the attention from the teacher – and agreed to send selfies wearing just a bra and knickers, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Jenkins told the girl: ‘This shouldn’t be happening – your mother will kill me.’

The teacher began exchanging late-night messages with the girl to discuss her schoolwork in his design and technology class.

But the conversations became sexual after he began asking about her private life.

Prosecutor Peter Donnison said: ‘Jenkins asked her if she would cheat on her boyfriend and told her she was beautiful. There was discussion about meeting up outside school.

‘Her classmates began to notice he was spending a lot of time with her.’

The pair then began to contact each other using picture messaging app Snapchat which Jenkinsused to send photos of himself.

Mr Donnison said: ‘It was over that site he sent pictures of his torso with a towel over his waist. Then he sent a message saying: ‘Now send me one’.’

Cardiff Crown Court heard the girl later told police she sent selfies of herself wearing just her bra and knickers as well as close-ups of her chest while wearing a black bra.

His colleagues at the comprehensive near Bridgend, South Wales, reported him to police after the girl shared some of his photos with friends and quickly spread around the school.

The girl – who cannot be named – said in a written statement she found the attention ‘exciting’ at first. But she then grew anxious fellow pupils would find out about the relationship.

She said: ‘I found it exciting but I was worried about my classmates finding out. I got scared when he asked to meet up because it felt weird.

‘It felt awkward around him at school. I felt embarrassed that the whole school were talking about me.’

She said her schoolwork suffered after police became involved, and she received lower-than-expected results in her AS Level exams.

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Christopher Rees, defending, said there was no physical contact between teacher and pupil – but accepted Jenkins’ career was ‘finished.’

Mr Rees said: ‘It was a catastrophic mistake by him. His career is finished, and his reputation has been destroyed in his community.’

He said Jenkins was suspended when the allegations were made in January last year until he pleaded guilty to causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

Judge Eleri Rees told Jenkins: ‘This was a gross breach of trust. You exchanged pictures of her in her underwear and of your naked torso.

‘hankfully this went no further. But she has set out the real damage done to her.’

Jenkins, from Bridgend, was sentenced to 23 weeks in jail, suspended for two years.

He must sign the s*x offenders register for seven years, and was given a sexual harm prevention order banning unsupervised contact with girls younger than 16.


  1. The teaching profession is a noble one,teacherss should act as noble men and women.If teachers need sxual mates,they should search for it outside the classroom!

  2. The teaching profession is a noble one,teacherss should act as noble men and women.If teachers need sxual mates,they should search for it outside the classroom

    • I really agree with you,,, if @all she was his agemate this would have sounded better,,, unfortunate for him,,,, sorry Jenkie

  3. The wards I should be protecting??? It’s crazy. This man should be sent to spend some good time at the psychiatric and afterwards taken to spend some years in the prison.. Sona will be OK for him

  4. Teachers are called to be ROLE MODELS and MIND MOULDERS and not sex coaches. We must maintain the sanctity of our calling at all times. Shalom.

  5. A good teacher must be a good role model to his or her children not to be senting them a nude pictures what are those teacher inculcating to children

  6. This is why sex education must be taught in our schools, young teenage girls needs to be enlightened on the danger of secret early relationships..parents have a lot to do..

  7. He knows what he did was wrong.I agreed he got the right judgement.
    Teachers should learn from it.we got a mind of our own to control.Sometimes our mind derail and that’s why we need God and a strong determination.
    A basic 7 pupil once wrote me a love note as her teacher… If your students are expose to sex wrongly, teach them right, if not, lead them right and don’t lure.
    Let every teacher see the ward as his/her own child.

  8. This is ignorance of high degree for such kind of qualified teacher if he was trained, i cant expect such sort of nonsense to be done by sb. entrusted children by parents and siciety in general. Shame on him!

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